WRAL Spotlights Fencing Program at Middle Creek Community Center

In 2016, Cary won the Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Park and Recreation Management. Yesterday, WRAL published a segment highlighting the Town of Cary Parks & Recreation program. WRAL sent a team to the Town of Cary Community Centers to film the diverse programs offered, and fencing at Middle Creek was one of the ones spotlighted.

Apex Fencing Academy has been at Middle Creek Community Center since 2010. In those 7 years, we’ve introduced hundreds of kids (and adults) to the sport of fencing. We’re extremely lucky to have a supportive staff within the Parks & Rec department helping us bring classes & camps to Cary and the surrounding area.

Thank you WRAL, the Town of Cary, Middle Creek Community Center and everyone responsible for making this happen! Thanks also to our fencers, families, friends and supporters for continuing to allow us to do what we love.