2020 Senior Athletes

Jacob Huth

I started fencing six years ago at the American Fencing Academy of Dayton, Ohio after discovering fencing at a day camp. My coach, Paralympian Byron Branch, said I should go to the Louisville NAC and fence the age group up…when I had been fencing for EIGHT WEEKS!  He wanted me to see ‘the best’ and to introduce me to the amazing fencing community. I only won one pool bout, but I was not discouraged. I met so many people and became focused on becoming competitive at that level.

I am graduating from: Heritage Christian Homeschool

HS activities and Honors: National Homeschool Honor Society, SEEK Homeschool Co-Op, USA Fencing All-American 1st Team, USA Fencing All-Academic 1st Team, USA Fencing Referee, North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) Scholar Athlete, Church Choir and Youth Group

In my free time: Play Guitar; Play Spikeball and Ultimate Frisbee

Fencing plans after HS: I plan to continue to complete at the national level as well as referee, and I hope to participate in NC State’s fencing club.  My three younger siblings also fence, so we’re always heading to a tournament!

My life/career goal: Attend NC State University majoring in Biomedical and/or Chemical Engineering

Wisdom to share with the younger fencers: I would tell younger fencers that you must be very disciplined to complete your schoolwork with all of the travel and competitions. I had a lot of flexibility since I was homeschooled, however I brought schoolwork to pretty much every NAC for the last two years since I was doing dual-enrollment. I’d compete or referee during the day and hit the books in the evening at the hotel or in the car while we travelled. I had a great time competing, have so many mentors and friends in the sport, AND now I have 40 semester hours to transfer toward my degree.

Mary Kolbas

I have been fencing for five years and enrolled in my first fencing camp at AFA the summer before 8th grade. I was interested in trying a new sport and the coolest girl in my 7th grade homeroom class happened to be a fencer at Apex at the time.

I attended Enloe Magnet High School, where I was heavily involved in Enloe’s Chinese club and was a member of Calligraphy club. I was also in our school musical’s pit orchestra my senior year. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a GPA of 4.67.

In my free time: Outside of fencing I play cello in my school orchestra, in an outside of school symphony (Triangle Youth Philharmonic), and in a string quartet with my friends (PA Quartet).

My life/career goals: I am committed to attend Cornell University and plan on pursuing a major in Information Science and minor in Operations Research. I am not fencing for Cornell but hope to stay involved through clubs in the area.

What wisdom can you share with our younger fencers: For me, fencing has been a fun and relieving part of my life, free from the stresses of school and personal problems. Once you walk through the door into the fencing gym, you can forget about the tests and homework and just stay focused on learning and honing your skills for a few hours. Although winning was always nice, I always see learning more techniques and skills as the goal.

Max Kuttrus

I started fencing around 6th grade at Middle Creek Community Center because I thought swords were cool. I am graduating from Raleigh Charter High School where I was in the National Honor Society and in the band. I will be attending App State, they do have a fencing club and I’ll probably join.

In my free time: I like kayaking, cooking, hiking, and video games.

My life/career goal: I hope to make inordinate amounts of money and burn our political system to the ground from the inside.

Wisdom to share with the younger fencers: School is objectively more important than fencing, but school is also really boring. Do whatever makes you happy.