Sports Performance Training

Apex Fencing Academy offers a “Sports Performance Training Program” designed specifically for fencing athletes.

The session will be designed and led by Corey “Crickett” Bankston, an experienced sports performance coach with a diverse background in developing athletes.

Athletes will develop a sturdy foundation of:

  • Strength. Mainly through calisthenics and light lifting.
  • Power and acceleration specific for fencing and other athletic movements
  • Cardiovascular base for general health as well as competition
  • Core, joint and posterior chain strength/stability.
  • Injury risk prevention/ training to eliminate muscular imbalances.

What to wear and bring:

  • Wear athletic attire: cross trainers / indoor soccer shoes, gym shorts, loose t-shirt.
  • Hydration source: preferably water. Gatorade, etc. is OK but start with the basics.
  • Bring your own water bottle
  • Long hair needs to be tied back.


  • Tuition is charged monthly.
  • Tuition is not eligible for Multi-Class discount or Family discount.
  • Students need to wear athletic pants and clean athletic shoes to class. No sandals, flip flops or jeans.

Coach Crickett and Apex Fencing look to work together to build a fun, healthy and solid program to enhance athleticism.