Fencers in the Introductory and Recreational classes do not need to own their fencing gear.

If you would like to purchase your own Fencing Gear, here’s a quick & easy guide to help you out.

Who needs to purchase their own Fencing gear?

Fencers enrolled in our Pre-Competitive and Competitive Team programs need to own, maintain and repair their own fencing gear. Fencers in these programs are expected to compete regularly and are required to learn how to take care of their fencing equipment. Armory Clinics will be held every season so that fencers can learn how to maintain and repair their gear.

Guide to Gear

Before purchasing your own gear, make sure a coach helps you select the correct sizes. 

A special note on buying a “Fencing Mask”

It is important that the fencing mask is not too big. Parents often think that they should buy bigger so the young fencer can grow into it, this however is not a good idea. The fencing mask needs to fit properly and be snug in order to be safe. If you order a mask and it does not seem to fit, please bring it to class and let us take a look at it.  In most cases, when the fencer/parent thinks a mask is too small, we can shape the mask and bend it in the right places to make it fit . However, a mask that is too big is almost impossible to adjust to make it fit correctly.

If you are interested in purchasing your own equipment Blue Gauntlet is our preferred vendor, and we have worked with them to offer several starter packages for those needing a beginner fencer kit. There are several other online vendors too.


If you need help with repairing your equipment, there are several armorers in our area who are experts. Please note that the contact info below is an image, not a “link” which means that you can not click on it, select/copy it.

How to Rewire a Blade

OK, you’ve purchased your own electric blade , and the wire broke. How do you fix it? Through the magic of YouTube, there are some two good videos on the web.