2016 Competative Fencing Camp

The Competitive Camps are designed for fencers who are currently competing, or ready to start competing, to get ready for the next season. These are intense camps, and fencers are expected to come ready to work hard.

Daily schedule includes:

  • Strength & conditioning training
  • Fencing footwork
  • Technique and tactics
  • Group lessons
  • Situational bouting
  • Individual and team competitions


Special topics include armory, team training & how to prepare for competition. Participants may rent fencing equipment if needed. Fencers who are currently in the Competitive-Team or the Pre-Competitive program are welcome to attend the camp.

The June Competitive camp’s focus is on preparing our fencers who are competing at 2018 National Championships & July Challenge. The August Competitive camp will focus fencers for the upcoming season.