The “Apex Novice Cup”

Apex Novice Cup

The Novice Cup is Apex Fencing Academy’s monthly unsanctioned tournaments. The goal is to introduce the competitive aspect of fencing to those newer to the sport and allow more experienced fencers the chance to compete locally.

Registration is open to fencers of all experience levels, however, if you’ve been competing for 2 years or less at the beginning of the season, August 1st, then you’re eligible to accumulate points in our Novice Cup. At the end of the season, if you’re at the top of the points list in your event category, we’ll engrave your name on a plaque displayed in our club.

We welcome fencers from all clubs. Details can be found on the askFRED signup page. Note registration will close Wednesday before the tournament in order to allow our team to properly prepare for the weekend’s events.

What are these points?

Novice Cup points are not associated with USA Fencing regional or national points. These are local points designed to foster sustained competition among our local fencers.

How are points calculated?

Similar to USA Fencing regional events, we will use the formula below:

((# novice entries – novice place + 1) / # novice entries) x 100

The highest novice finisher in each event, regardless of size of field, will earn the pre-set maximum point value of 100. ALL other point allocations will depend on the number of novice participants.

Where can I find the points standings?

Points for each event category will be kept in a spreadsheet linked on the Apex Fencing Academy website.

How many results count?

Your best 3 results over the entire season.

When is the winner determined?

After the last event of the season which is usually held in June.

What is the reward?

At the end of the season, the fencer at the top of their event standings will be recognized with a trophy cup of their own and their name will be added to a permanently displayed plaque at Apex Fencing Academy.